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Welcome to the Graham's webpage!  Please feel free to leave us messages, contact us, etc.  You can apply to join this group if you like.  Keep in touch!


Smiley Baby (Chol HaMoed Sukkot 5767)

As you can see from the photos, Avraham continues in the family tradition of being a very smiley baby!  Take a look!

Bris (Circumcision)

The Bris took place Monday July 17th 2006/Tammuz 21st 5766 at the South East Hebrew Congregation, 10900 Lockwood Drive, Silver Spring, MD, 20901.  This is Rabbi Winter's Shul in White Oak. 

It is customary not to invite anyone to a Bris but anyone can attend without an invitation.  Appropriate dress for a Bris would be smart casual.  According to traditional Jewish custom, women should not wear pants (trousers) and should cover their necklines, arms above elbows and legs above the knee.  Men should not wear shorts and should wear a head covering (yarmulke, kippa, kuppel or hat).  Married women should also wear a hat if they don't usually cover their hair.

Shalom Zachor

This took place at our home on Friday evening at 9:30pm.  It is not customary for people to travel long distances to this, so we imagine that only people that live or are staying nearby will attend, especially since Jews are not supposed to drive on the Sabbath.


The Graham Family is pleased to announce the latest addition to the family.  Baby Graham 3, a boy, was born this morning, Tammuz 14 5766 (July 10 2006) at 10:22 am, weighing 7lb 0.6oz.  Imma (Hebrew for Mummy or Mommy depending on where you live!) and Baby are doing well, in HC Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, USA, which is where the baby was born.  Abba (Daddy) - is doing well too!

Details of the bris will follow, as will pictures and more news, at this web site - please check here for more details as they emerge.  In keeping with Jewish tradition, the name will be announced (and possibly decided) at the Bris!

The Grahams - Barry, Esti (Kim), Shira Leah, Naphtali Tzvi and Avraham



At 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday 15th Kislev 5765, November 28th 2004, the Bris took place as planned, and our baby was given the name Naphtali Tzvi.  He was named after his great-great-great-great grandfather, Naphtali Hirsh Kuczynski of Kutno, Poland ("Hirsh" is Yiddush for the Hebrew "Tzvi").   He was a talmid chocham, a Torah scholar, and at least one son was a student of Rabbi Yisrael Yehoshua Trunk of Kutno, author of "Yehoshuat Yisrael" - "Salvation of Israel".


Mazal Tov!  Baby Boy Graham was born Sunday 8th Kislev 5765, November 21st 2004, in Silver Spring, MD - at 6:07 Eastern Standard Time.   He is 6 lb 11oz.   Look at the pictures!!!

As with Shira Leah when she was born, he is gorgeous and healthy, thank G-d, as is his mother.
According to Jewish custom, Baby Boy Graham will not be named until the Bris, which will be, IY"H (G-d willing), this Sunday November 28th at South-East Hebrew Congregation (White Oak), 10900 Lockwood Drive; Silver Spring, MD 20901, at 2:30pm.   If you are planning on coming, please check this website before leaving for updates, although we hope there won't be any changes.   It is not the custom to invite people to a Bris, but you don't need an invitation to come!   Smart casual or better is encouraged.   For men, you can't go wrong in a suit, or at least a jacket with smart pants.  For women, no pants and arms should be covered above the elbow, legs covered to at least just below the knee (including when sitting).  Married women should wear a hat if possible.   Of course nobody will stop you from entering however you look, we just want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable once there.


So why did we name our baby girl Shira Leah? She’s not named after any relative.  By the way, we always use both names, Shira Leah - not Shira.

We wanted to give thanks. G-d has been very kind to us. We were married only 13 months before the birth of our child, and we have been very grateful to G-d for allowing us to find our basherts, our destined partners, so "early" in life, when we can really appreciate all the blessings we've been given thus far. We were so excited that our firstborn was born on Shabbat, the Sabbath, and we wanted to truly sing G-d’s praises, as we do on Shabbat. In our prayers the rest of the week we make many requests of G-d. But on Shabbat, we only sing His praises.

As our child was born, on Shabbat, healthy, perfectly formed, and mother and baby were both healthy, we realized our requests of G-d were granted. So as we say in Tehillim (Psalm) Pay-Tet () 5 ) (or 89:2-3): Chasdei HaShem Olam Ashira – Of G-d’s kindness I will sing forever – L’Dor VaDor O’Deah Emunat’cha B’Fi – I will make your faithfulness known to every generation with my mouth. Ki Amarti, Olam Chesed YiBaneh – For I said, The World is built on kindness.

As the world is built on G-d’s kindness, we are obligated to sing G-d’s praises for the kindness he has bestowed upon us. Hence, we sing Shira, our daughter’s name.

Leah, our righteous matriarch, merited to give birth to 6 of the 12 tribes herself. She was also the first person in TANACH (the Bible) who publicly said THANKS to G-d, in the naming of her fourth son, Yehuda. Through Ruach HaKodesh (Divine Inspiration) both Rochel and Leah knew that 12 sons were to be born to Yaakov by his 4 wives, and were to serve as the progenitors for Klal Yisroel (the Jewish people). When Leah had her 4th son, she publicly thanked G-d for giving her more than her fair share.

As Leah merited so much by her prayers and her actions, we felt it was a fitting name to add to our song, our Shira, as further thanks to G-d.


Shira Leah Graham was born at 6:03 am, Israel time on Shabbat, July 27th 2002, 18th Av 5762, at Bikur Cholim Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.  Note that we moved back to the USA in November 2002.
She is, of course, gorgeous.  She weighed 2.83 kg at birth, which apparently equals approximately 6.4 lb.  Shira Leah will be called by both names, i.e. "Shira Leah".
Click on Pictures at the left, to see pictures.
Mother and Baby are both doing very well (so is Father), as you can see from the photos which were taken after Shabbat.
We thank Hashem, G-d, for his great kindness, in giving us this wonderful gift.
Abba and Ima Graham (aka Barry and Kim Graham)
(Abba = Hebrew for Father, Ima = Mother)

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Sharon Klemow Passed away on Monday at 530

Hi, My Birthmother, Sharon Klemow Passed away on Monday at 530 Am, (This in not my mom Renee, This is my Birthmother in Texas).

 Here is Sharon’s Obituary Notice, Attached is the Obituary Image. Or you can view it on line at or go to and type in “Klemow” in the Obit Search.

 I leave for Ft. Worth, Texas today at 4PM, I will be at my sisters house to Sunday Morning and then back to Phoenix. Randy will be here watching the Dog’s

 Thanks’ for you thoughts.

 Much Love, Keith