Sunday, July 28, 2002

Barry with Baby on Birthday.JPG

Barry with Baby on Birthday

Dad Graham and Baby Again in Hotel.JPG

Grandpa Graham and Shira Leah Again in Hotel

Baby on Birthday.JPG

Baby on Birthday

Naming Service Details

Maalot Dafna shul, Monday morning, 7am davening (nusach sefard, starts with Hodu).

To get to the shul from Shimon Hatzadik, go up Yaacov Netter Street. On the left, just after the school, just before the footbridge over the road, there are steps leading up to the Vi Rubens Garden. Up the steps, keep walking, very soon you will see a shul (actually three 3 shuls in one building) on your right. It is NOT the sefardi minyan, or the Ashkenzi minyan in the basement.

My shul is the little part of the building, to the right. To get there, you go up the first set of steps on your right (BEFORE you walk past the building), make a left, and immediately on the left there is a set of steps going down. You will see the door open. If you don’t see me it’s either the wrong shul or I have overslept.